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Spielberg Insisted On Shooting JAWS On the Ocean. It Almost Ended His Career.

Spielberg insisted on shooting the film on the ocean, instead of using tanks of water on the studio lot. It almost destroyed his career.

Steven Spielberg struggles to shoot JAWS on the open ocean in 1974.

"It has to look real," Steven Spielberg told Universal producers Dick Zanuck and David Brown in BLOCKBUSTER, available now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and all other podcast platforms.

For Spielberg, authenticity was always crucial.

He'd seen movies about sea beasts before. This was the 1970s. That kind of thing just wouldn't cut it anymore.

Brown and Zanuck eventually agreed to allow Spielberg to shoot on Martha's Vineyard, an affluent beach island south of Massachusetts.

Unfortunately for Spielberg, there was a reason no director had shot a feature film of this scale on the ocean before. His 55 day shoot quickly stretched into more than triple that, and the crew were tired, sunburnt and seasick.

In addition, equipment wasn't working. The water frequently splashed equipment, causing delays or worse, and other equipment — including the three mechanical sharks he'd insisted on having built — wouldn't work either.

On some days, the crew couldn't finish a single shot. Things were spiraling out of control.

Spielberg knew he could finish the film with enough time, but he wasn't sure he'd get it from Brown and Zanuck.

And studios wouldn't ever let this happen again. He was certain he'd never direct another film. Certainly not one with this kind of budget.

His blockbuster dreams were over, as far as he was concerned.

Luckily, his composer would have a suggestion to help "fix" the film — a unique musical theme that would change the course of film history and film evolution.

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