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James Cameron’s Dive to Titanic: Where No Director Has Gone Before

James Cameron's most ambitious idea yet was diving to the ocean floor on a near-freezing journey that almost ended in disaster.

James Cameron peers out of the hatch of a submersible rigged with lights and camera equipment.

James Cameron had been deeply inspired by some of the early images of Titanic's 1985 discovery, and his friend Al Giddings' documentary.

It had led James and Al to travel to Russia to secure access to the Keldysh — a massive research vessel that could be used to launch submersibles to the remains of the RMS Titanic.

Part of the adventure, which took place in September 1995 amid an unusually unpredictable hurricane season, is told in Episode 8 of BLOCKBUSTER: THE STORY OF JAMES CAMERON — the award-winning "biopic podcast" series, starring The Walking Dead's Ross Marquand, from filmmaker and journalist Matt Schrader.

"It has to be perfect," James said of his film Titanic after reaching the bottom on several trips that tested their equipment, patience and even survival preparation.

James was joined by several other leading experts and pilots, which is featured in BLOCKBUSTER, free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and all other platforms.

BLOCKBUSTER is winner of Adweek's Creative Podcast of the Year, and earned two Webby Honorees and NYF Radio Awards, including for Best Podcast Miniseries.

Russian pilot Anatoly Sagalevich piloted one of the white-and-orange Mir submersibles to the ocean floor, and on several occasions collided with other items, due to unpredictable ocean currents at that depth.

You can hear more about the passions and rise of James Cameron in BLOCKBUSTER, free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and all other platforms.

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