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Be a Producer on The Story of James Cameron

We’ve finished an all-new season! We'd love you to be a Producer on a 10-episode full season!


The season is 260 pages long, nearly double Season 1! This allows for stronger story arcs, and vivid audio and music that we expect will push the limits of what podcast storytelling can be. Now we need your help to fund it. 

Our costs for season 2 include: 


  • Professional actors (75+ roles)

  • Sound design facilities (custom foley and loop group)

  • Legal/clearance


This amount is roughly 1/7 the cost of an independent “micro-budget” film. We’ve been able to partner with a major podcast network to help with marketing, but we still need your support!

✨ Be a Producer!

One of the most valuable titles on any Hollywood production is that of a Producer (who help “find money” to get things made). We’re offering several official PRODUCER tiers in exchange for your generous funding support:

  • GOLD: Executive Producer ($9,000) 🥇 Donate
    There’s no substitute for having an Executive Producer on this series. You single handedly help us raise a huge chunk of the money we need! As a reward, you’ll receive your name in every episode’s audio + billing on all official credits + an IMDb credit + all the perks that come with being the Executive Producer of a series.
    💵 Pays for nearly the whole season of sound design.


  • SILVER: Co-Producer ($5,000) 🥈 Donate
    You’ve made yourself one of the most valuable members of this team. As a reward, you’ll receive billing on all official credits + an official IMDb credit + all the perks/bonuses along the journey.
    💵 Pays for all major the lead actor roles, or about a half season of sound design.

  • BRONZE: Associate Producer ($1,000) 🥉 Donate
    This is the lowest tier that will receive “producer" billing on our official credits and on IMDb As a reward, you’ll receive an official IMDb credit + all the perks/bonuses along the journey.
    💵 Pays for voice recording of about 15 roles, or one episode of sound design.

If these tiers are outside of your ability, we hope you’ll consider some of our “micro-producer" tiers:


  • Jr. Producer ($250) 🎖 Donate
    Your $250 goes a long way! You’ll be credited as Junior Producer on our official website!
    💵 Pays for voice recording of about 3-4 roles, or about two scenes of sound design


  • Special Thanks ($50) ⭐️ Donate
    You rock! We’ll mark your “thank you” with a special distinction on our official website for helping making our best season yet!
    💵 Pays for voice recording of about 1 role, or about 2.5 months of podcast servers and website.


  • Thank You ($10) Donate
    This is our most basic tier, and we’ll put your contribution to good use, and give you a thank-you on our website!
    💵 Pays about one month of podcast servers and website.


✨ The Perks

Our team really believes in delivering the best overall story period. So the biggest “perk” here is you get to be a producer on our best season (and story) yet. But we’ll also share the raw materials with you, including high-quality audio, the original soundtrack and artwork, scripts, and of course the high-quality audio, and other behind the scenes pieces.


Matt Schrader

Creator/narrator of Blockbuster

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